Let's design better. 😀

  1. 2018
    Artist Book Showcase
  2. 2017
    AIGA Design for Good Award
  3. 2017
    GDUSA Students to Watch
  4. 2017
    GDUSA Packaging Design
  5. 2017
    Packaging of the World
  6. 2017
    Ryan Aumiller Award
  7. 2015
    Published Cat Magazine Brazil
  8. 2013
    Gallery Opening Exhibition

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Create as if all is possible.

📺 CBS - Inside Edition2019 - PRESENT
Americas Television Newsmagazine. A mix of hard news stories, entertainment news and gossip, scandals, true-crime stories and lifestyle features. 90% Motion GFX Day of Air and immediately.
🌳 Pratt Center for Community Development2018
All New York City residents deserve equity, sustainability, local knowledge, and a diverse economy. Dense, thoughtful, and education driven designs in research based reports and promotional items.
🔑 Digital Media Studio2015
Supporting the technology of events, spaces, and services within Belk Library. Graphics consisted of media capture, web banners, icons, directional signage, event posters and new tech announcements.
🕊️Judaic Holocaust and Peace Studies Center2015
With a focus on peace the center brings together history, politics, religion, education, social issues, and human rights. Printed materials for the The 14th Annual Summer Symposium on Remembering.
🐝 The Graphics Shack2012-2015
New Bern's keystone copy and print store specializing in small businesses with big ideas. Graphics to supplement the needs of the community, going above and beyond, putting out fires with quick turnaround time and a smile.

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Find others solutions.

Pratt Institute2017-2019
BFA Communications Design with Honors, 2019
🚪 Brooklyn, New York
Pratt MWP2013-2017
🚂 Utica, New York
Appalachian State University2015
⛰️ Boone, North Carolina
Craven Community College2014
🐻 New Bern, North Carolina

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I'm here to help!

Design Guru🔮
An expiereinced guide inspiring creative initiation.
Highly Organized 📂
Ability to think on one's toes and switch gears.
Work brings me joy. Appreciating the opportunity to create.
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, my very best quality is my eager spirit.
Hands On🎨
An ideal workspace would have a light table, cutting mat, usual craft supplies, sewing kit, fabric scraps, varied paper, large format printer,  flatbed scanner, and the complete middle school art room supply list of: drawing supplies, drawing pencils, shading pencils, broad line permanent markers, fine line permanent markers, black permanent markers, water-based markers, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, metallic colored pencils, conte crayons, gum erasers, kneaded erasers, canister sharpeners, blending stump, painting supplies, liquid acrylic, metallic acrylic, fluorescent acrylic, watercolor trays, metallic watercolors, liquid watercolors, india ink, spray paint, multi-media gloss varnish, flat brushes, round brushes, paint cups, paint trays, printmaking supplies, rubber brayers, printing ink, printing blocks, linoleum cutters, inking trays, glass plates, printing barens, ceramic supplies, white clay, red clay, wire slab cutter, small sponges, modeling tools, needle tools, rolling pins, spray bottles, canvas roll, kiln wash, star stilts, glaze, underglaze, wax resist, adhesives and tools, glue bottles, glue gallon with pump, glue sticks, glue gun with glue sticks, tacky glue bottles, rubber cement, spray glue, transparent tape, masking tape, rulers, scissors, compasses, paper punches, mirrors, sponges, sculpture supplies, plaster gauze, art paste, newspaper, armature wire, dowel rods, plaster of paris, polymer clay, found objects,  recyclables, craft supplies, yarn, embroidery floss, tissue paper, tooling foil roll, cotton swabs, plastic wrap, tin foil, paper, construction paper, black construction paper, origami paper, newsprint, sulphite paper 80lb, tagboard, kraft paper, watercolor paper, printed patterned paper, cardboard, transfer paper, etc.