Utica Proud

AIGA Group Challange Winner

Expertise: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Objective: AIGA Design for Good Challenge

Deliverables: Non-Profit Proposal

The challenge was to use problem-solving and design thinking towards social change within the community. Our team sought out the Mayor of Utica to collaborate. We proposed Utica Proud. To be UP is to be involved, supported, and thriving.

The UP idea continues as a part of the design curriculum at PrattMWP. A class of students write, design, and publish the Utica Proud College Edition–celebrating the past, present and potential of the city.

"Even though it has been referred to as 'the city that God forgot' we as students have lived here for the majority of two years and we see that it is a beautiful city—and we are proud." –Becky DeCusatis
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