UPXI & Bins

Bin Concept and Identity

Expertise: Adobe Dimension, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks, Sketch

Objective: Community Based Upcycling

Deliverables: Bins (Landfill, Compost, Containers, Paper), UI/UX

Engagement: Through gamification disposing of waste with  UPXI is rewarding in real life. Education: Simplifying the confusion of recycling and implementing a direct route to UPcycling. Community: Personal and public connected infrastructure designed to respond to the climate change emergency.

Earn points with UPXI to redeem a fleece sweater made from plastic bottles, or a 12pk of your favorite beverage using exclusively upcycled aluminum. Challenge friends to find the most treasures. Volunteer today and begin the race to the monthly jackpot!

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