Out of Touch

Playground Proposal

Expertise: Adobe Dimension, Adobe Photoshop

Objective: Better Playgrounds

Deliverables: Digital Artwork, 3D Play Structures

An exploration into naturalized playgrounds to influence an architect's designs. Children on playgrounds will hurt themselves more if we continue to make them safer. We are breaking their spirit by confining their imagination to structures. Aren't the best forts the ones we make ourselves: on the beach balancing logs or in the forest stacking branches? The experience of growing up with nature greatly aids child development.

There is a disconnection that happens when playgrounds are removed from nature. Faux nature playgrounds are built just like the plastic pieces. It's not about designing to mimic nature; it's about designing in nature. My suggestion is to create playgrounds off of forests. Allow the potential risks of nature in play spaces to shape behavior and teach experience (choice, risk, cause, effect). A child with a love of nature will be better equipped to deal with depression and anxiety as an adult.

In this technological world it is quite apparent how out of touch we are.

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