Dear Lynn Good,

Coffee Table Book

Expertise: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Google Earth

Objective: Combine information and reveal truth

Deliverables: Documented coffee-table book

I want to make an example of Duke Energy’s behavior specifically in the state of North Carolina. The actions taken by the corporation in response to disaster are self interested; masked to please and quiet the public. As our veins feed the system so do rivers feed the earth. Facilities have contaminated rivers, there will not be a clean-up, and the effect is irreversible.

Side effects of the metal particles contaminating the water are invisible, there is not smell, taste, or any discoloring. Developmental issues occur, with the toxins responsible, and the source is hushed. Our rivers remain a circulatory system feeding our groundwater, wells, and bodies; we have poison leaching in that requires an immediate and equitable solution.

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