Coal Cons

Political Art Installation

Expertise: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects

Objective: Invert the Coal Conversation

Deliverables: Gallery Wall Projection

Coal has been simultaneously life-changing for better and worse. The truth is everything we have in the modern world is because of the discovery and power of coal. Now that we have the technology to use cleaner energy the problem becomes the shift in industry and lives built with coal. The global impact of the great burn has been known since the beginning. Our transition towards clean energy will have to be swift and easy for everyone involved. The entire industry is responsible for so much harm, but also so much good. We must be grateful for what has been, but see what is necessary for the future. Coal must end. The supply is endless and we will not survive to see the bottom.

The Non-Fiction Children's Book, Where Are You Going With That Coal?, written in 1977 sat on a dusty shelf in the back of the library. Using the delightful imagery and informative words from the original creators I annotated each page with knowledge from the 21st century. The National Geographic documentary From the Ashes gives the perspective of a coal-miner who understands that a switch away from coal would upheave the entire community. Struggling for Air from Oxford University Press chronicles the United States political support of the At-Large-Coal-Industry.

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