Bridget Swayne is a professional graphic designer working with motion, printmaking techniques and digital illustration. She has a BFA in communications design from Pratt Institute. Bridget is based out of Brooklyn, New York.

During formative years Vancouver, British Columbia was her beehive. Now she uses her platform as a designer to promote environmental justice and speaks with a passionate and genuine sensitivity. Bridget’s work is formidable, some subject matter disquieting, but visually the honey is nutritious and sweet.

Migrating across to the eastern side of the continent Bridget has made her mark along the coast. Happily, she moved from the 300 year old city in North Carolina, to the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, to the Industrial Rust Belt Region of Upstate NY, and to the archipelago of Greater New York City. Absorbing the grand juxtaposition of humans and nature she simply morphed into a busy bee. 

Designing for good.



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